Previous Virginia Governor George Allen is a candidate for 2012 to be in the Senate.

The Kaine, Former Virginia Governor George Allen Senate struggle in Virginia in 2012 is shaping up to be the news of the day. Will George Allen’s 2012 crusade resurrect recollections of 2006? Will one more Allen Senate race be the 2012 Senate sleeper or the Senate’s irritating arising?

George Allen bullet points
George Felix Allen born 3/8/52
He was born in Whittier, CA
He was surprised to find out he is of Jewish heritage on his mother’s side
He has a sister and two brothers
He attended UCLA and U of Virginia
He is a former US Senator from VA
He served in Virginia’s state legislature.
He was Virginia’s 67th Governor.
He lost to Jim Webb in the Virginia Senate race in 2006
He now serves on YAF.
He announced his run for the 2012 Virginia Senate seat on 1/24/11.

George Allen remarkably said using a racism-tinged term, Macaca or Macacaw. Will Kaine know how to leverage this? Will George Allen, the past Virginia governor, shrug this off?

Previous Governor Allen has quite a few issues going for him in the 2012 Senate race, among them a big lead in the early polls. Whether or not George Allen can continue to keep that lead in 2012, only George Allen appreciates for absolutely sure.

When you vote in 2012, you actually will be the judge.